Saturday, 18 February 2012

Dark Witch Fusion

So after hitting the 4th week of a bad chest infection and recovery not in sight, I have decided to start a project that I can work on at home. My studio where I normally work has no heating what so ever and is feeling pretty miserable at the moment…. or maybe I’m just feeling sorry for myself and need to buck up.

Over the last few weeks I have exhausted my film collection and bookshelf, which has resulted in some ideas for quirky costume projects. One of which is very loosely inspired by the Little Mermaid and has resulted in  the ‘URSULA Dark-Witch Fusion Dance Costume’, which I’m in the process of finalising the design.

Here of some pictures I found from Google..


I Love the ‘scales’ in these pictures  and currently am planning to use silver coloured scales from to produce scalemaille Bra, Belt, Neck Corset and Headdress, along with a black skirt, pants and shrug.

Here is a photo of scale being used on a fashion garment, its a beautiful photo and I love the Gothic look Smile


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