Sunday, 19 February 2012

Lets get started…

So,  designing a costume is the easy bit. But now is the point where I have to start it and before you begin the ending always seams so far far away..


Anyhow. Tools at the ready I have  pliers, rings and scales. Later to include gloves (as I’ve reacted to the coating on the scales – not good)


I have discovered that the oil/coating on the scales reacts to my skin which results in extremely sore hands. Also while the rings I originally bought are easy to use, they are not that durable, so I have swapped for split rings (similar to what you get on keyrings), they are more fiddly but you can be rough with them and they stay in place.

After a few hours of cursing and swearing, I finally go in the swing of making up scale. There is a definite method of getting the rings to sit flat on the back of the scalemaile, If not it doesn't it looks kinked on the top/right side


Here is a photo of the underside (sitting smoothly)


And here is the photo of the topside… Nice eah!



I thought staring on the bra would be the easiest and quickest part of the costume to complete. I have the bra thanks to George at ASAD and thought making a triangle of diamond shape would work… However on reflection I think its the wrong shape and will have to change it…..But that’s for another day

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