Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy….

OK its official, leatherwork is bad for your health! all the hole-punching and stamping has resulted in major RSI.

I can barley move my hand and wrist…..Grrr its so frustrating.  Even a week later, I am seriously restricted to what I can do with my right hand and wrist.


Due to my wrist injury I’ve had to change the design. I’m going to have to leave the leaves off the costume as I can’t tool the remaining 35 leaves that Ruth and I carefully cut out as I cant tool them at this moment. I hate having to compromise a costume design, but in this case I have no time as I’m working to such a tight deadline.

Here is the bra and belt/skirt for the Horned Warrior costume (I have nicked-named her Florence, due to the colour of her hair)


Now that the leaves aren’t being put on the costume, it looks a bit more ‘Barbarella then ‘Woodland Fairy’, but that may not be a bad thing. I want this character to be strong and proud, so losing the softness is not too much of a problem. I’m still gutted I’ve had to change the design Sad smile



The final Leather piece is the Vambrace. Originally I was going to make one. But now the leaves are not going onto the bra and belt, the costume has become very symmetrical, so I thought a single  Vambrace  would help.


Ron (the model) has very short hair so I thought it would be easier if I mounted the dreads onto a wig to make it easier for her and me to get them on, for the shoot.

I bought a cheap red wig and some beautiful custom-made synthetic dreads from Kaminoke.  The wig was then plaited and dreads sewn on.. Its a brut of a wig, but the horns are large and it balances them both out. It took quite a while plaiting the wig and due to my hand my plaits where shoddy so Ruth then spent an entire day re-plaiting them


Here’s the beautiful Ruth, wearing the headpiece and bra


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