Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Meet the Family…

Deborah and I agreed that there would be 4 photo-shoots. These are to take place over a weekend.

Each shoot will have a different location and a different personality and feel.

I’d like to introduce you to my ladies and also say a massive THANK YOU to Ruth who as well as helping me make the outfits has had to constantly strip down in my freezing cold studio to check the fit and movement of them……Ta Honey, you are a star!

Firstly let me introduce you to Florence. She is a goddess in her own right… A proud and powerful being who a long time ago fought against the constraints of her race as  peaceful beings who were constantly preyed upon. She is the last of her kind and to survive she has become a warrior and hunter.

Florence will have strong/fierce eye makeup, but also softer Deer-like markings.



Red – Lost innocence

This is Red, she is lost and all alone.


Red’s coat has been made from approximately 25 recycled Jumpers and Cardigans.  One of the categories for the papercut Magazine is Post-Apocalyptic.   I like the idea of up-Cycling clothes into a different fashion garment. The idea is that Red’s makeup will be doll-like and the location cold and stark. The coat will be the only vibrant colour in the shot.


Fox Shaman

The Fox Shaman is a wise creature who lives in a deep dark woods… she is a prophet and healer, but only the bravest dare take the dangerous journey to her den.


This is a costume I made last year and is one of my favourites, its my own personal costume and I love it! I decided to use this costume as I know both Ron and Deborah will transform it into something fabulous and also different from how I use it.

I envision the Fox Shamans makeup to be a single block colour from the nose up to the forehead.

Here is a picture of me wearing it (photos by Dug @ Unit24productions):-



And lastly, Let me introduce you to  Willow…

Willow is a tree sprite that is full of love and life, she is at her happiest in spring, where she will dance all day and night and entertain weary travellers that pass by her tree.


For me, Willows costume is manly about the wig and headdress.


I have many layers for the foundations for this costume, I want Willow to look like a dancer. I have velvet dance trousers, dance belt and also I have hand dyed 2 25yard dance skirts in green and blue. I also have made a green up-cycled coat in various shades of greens.

Willows makeup will be quite intensive. In airbrushed shades of greens and blues.

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