Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Nearly There…………


OK, I have 15 finished leaves and need to get a move on as the photo shoot is next week ….Eeeek!

I want to make a bra & Belt combo with a small leather skirt, so that Ronny (the Model) can  be body painted (I’m currently thinking ‘Bambi/Deer’ makeup).

I have to tell you, making a bra out of 3mm Veg-Tan is not easy. My standard bra patterns didn't work, so I spent a day making cardboard bras and then trailing the studios in my building looking for a willing victim to check the fit… after 4 attempts I got something I was happy with.




This is what I came up with… (poor Ruth once again gets told to strip off…sorry Ruth)



And here is the matching belt WIP…



After a week of sewing, dyeing and gluing this is where I currently am.. Thankfully Ruth has came in on Tuesday and hit the ground running, which helped, she is now a master a hole punching!



….And the headdress (once again..sorry Ruth!)


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